Vee Zed – High Spirits Chill One (2015)

2020年1月4日Vadim Zhukov

Vee Zed – High Spirits Chill One (2015)Vee Zed - High Spirits Chill One (2015) Jacket

Vee Zed - High Spirits Chill One (2015) Mailmagazine

Vee Zed - High Spirits Chill One (2015)

Vee Zed – High Spirits Chill One (2015)

18 melodic and atmospheric tracks handpicked and mixed by Vee Zed to open series of chill out compilations on High Spirits Records.
The album features tracks by Sonic Scope, El Hom, Capsula, Digital Department, Evgeny Svalov (4Mal), LastEDEN, Vadim Zhukov, Damasko, zaSLON, Eugene Loner, Sergey Lozovoy (DJ SL), Stanley Progman and Antonio Picikato.

01. Sonic Scope – Meditation (Original Mix)
02. El Hom – Walking On Moon (High Spirits Edit)
03. Digital Department – Alexia (Original Mix)
04. Capsula – Walking At Ocean Shore (High Spirits Edit)
05. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) – Contemplation (Original Mix)
06. LastEDEN – Bali (Original Mix)
07. Vee Zed – Love (Chill Out Dub)
08. Vadim Zhukov – Spreading Peace (Vee Zed Chill Mix)
09. Vadim Zhukov – Summer Rain (Vee Zed Chill Mix)
10. Damasko – We Are (Original Mix)
11. zaSLON – Cottage (Original Mix)
12. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) – Reds and Greens (Original Mix)
13. Capsula – Sunset At Ibiza (High Spirits Edit)
14. Eugene Loner – Andromeda (High Spirits Edit)
15. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) , Sergey Lozovoy (DJ SL) – Star-Studded Summer (Original Mix)
16. Sonic Scope – Rhinestone (Original Mix)
17. Stanley Progman – Heaven’s Here (Vee Zed Chill Mix)
18. Antonio Picikato – Nestro It (Original Mix)


Vee Zed a.k.a. Vadim Zhukov

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